National Papers

The Times
The Sunday Times
The Telegraph
The Sunday Telegraph
The Guardian
The Independent
The Irish Independent
The Mirror
The Mail on Sunday
The Mail

Magazines: Sunday Times, Bloomberg (USA), The Observer, The Telegraph, The Independent, Country Life, The Field, Horse & Hound etc.

Charities/Government Organizations: Concern Universal, Children Of Chernobyl, UNCEFF, DIFID, United Nations, Miracles, Creative Industries, Media Dev, The Welsh Education Authority, Spinal Research, The Countryside Agency, The Volunteer Centre, Oxfordshire Housing Association, The Rural Media, The I.L.P.H.

TV/Agencies: Carlton, BBC, ITV, Progoda Family, All Sport/Getty, Images, Action Images.

PR/Corporate: Qipco, GMAC, Winterthur, Marconi, Ascot Polo Club, Lotus, Langson Champagne, Target Direct, Smart Car, Montpellier Marketing & Communications, Ross on Wye International Festival, Exalon, Pilgrim, Knight Frank, Brightwells, Project Art, RBI Sports Promotion, Toggi, Colab, Princess of Jordan, Hall Mark Events, Leadership Trust, The Countryside Alliance, AKE, Team Ubus, Advantage Chemicals, TBA, Target Direct etc.